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Diamond Education at Jared

Picking out diamond jewelry is a personal experience that can vary based on your style preferences and budget. There are a number of factors that impact diamond quality and price so it’s important to take some time to understand your options. From the diamond features to look for to the basics of the diamond buying process, Jared is your trusted resource for diamond education.
    How to Buy
    Understand the process of picking out the perfect diamond.
  • Learn more about the diamond carat weight system
    Diamond Carat
    Weight System
    Is bigger better? Learn how to choose the right diamond carat for your ring.

Diamond Sourcing

  • Learn about diamond certifications
    Learn about Diamond Certifications
    Learn how to assure the quality, authenticity, and value of your diamond.
  • Learn about conflict free diamonds at Jared
    Understanding Conflict-Free Diamonds
    Learn about our commitment to responsible diamond sourcing for Jared jewelry.
  • Learn more about Diamonds Do Good
    Do Good
    Learn how we support the communities the product priceless diamonds.

Diamond Types

  • Learn more about mens diamonds jewelry at Jared
    Men's Diamond Jewelry
    For special occasions or just because, explore diamond jewelry he’ll love.
  • Learn more about chocolate diamonds
    Chocolate Diamonds
    See how rich chocolate diamonds stand out from the crowd.
  • Learn about lab-created diamonds at Jared
    Lab-Created Diamonds
    Make a statement with luxurious lab-created gemstone jewelry.

Engagement and Wedding Anniversary

Jewelry 101

  • Learn how to take care of jewelry
    How to Take Care of Jewelry
    Keep your jewelry shining with our tip on jewelry cleaning and care.
  • Learn how to resize your ring with Jared
    Does your Ring need Resized?
    Is your ring too snug or too loose? Spot the signs of when it’s time to resize.
Welcome to our complete diamond jewelry education section, where you can delve into the fascinating world of this brilliant gemstone. Discover everything you need to know about diamond size carat, diamond shape and cut, and gain valuable insights into responsible sourcing and ethical considerations. Our informative guides cover the 4Cs of diamonds, different diamond shapes, certifications, and a wide array of jewelry styles and types, ensuring you have the knowledge to make your own decisions and find the perfect piece of diamond jewelry that reflects your unique style.