Gold Jewelry

Woman wearing yellow gold necklace with a gold texture background

Yellow gold jewelry

Yellow gold is a classic choice with modern styling. It's a timeless color of gold that looks great as the foundation for any piece of jewelry. 


White gold jewelry. Image shows a white gold diamond anniversary ring with baguette and round cut diamonds

White gold jewelry is a fashion-forward choice for its modern, silvery look. This alluring metal has boundless wearability, a staple for her jewelry collection. 


Rose gold jewelry. Image shows rose gold and diamond Shy Creation statement ring.

Rose gold jewelry complements every skin tone beautifully. This blush gold hue is a unique twist on traditional gold jewelry styles. 


Shop multi-tone gold jewelry. Image shows a white and rose gold diamond knot necklace

Two-tone and tri-tone gold jewelry styles are a fresh take on classic gold jewelry. Mix up your look with various colors of gold. 



Colors of Gold Jewelry

Treasured since the days Cleopatra adorned herself with it, nearly everyone considers fine gold jewelry a classic. Is it any wonder? Gold is natural, beautiful and surprisingly affordable. It's also incredibly versatile - coming in an almost limitless variety of styles, types and colors. The various colors of gold are today's must-have fashion essentials.

Gold jewelry is something to enjoy now and think about passing down to future generations. While styles and fashion may change, gold jewelry stands the test of time. Explore various types of gold jewelry and modern gold jewelry.


How Many Shades of Gold Are There?

From yellow, white, rose and various shades in between, there are many different shades of gold. Depending on the type of gold you have, there may be something added to the gold to enhance its color. For example, artisans add rhodium to certain jewelry styles to help strengthen or protect the metal. In other cases, they add copper and silver to gold to give it different color varieties.

When reading inscriptions on gold jewelry, higher numbers indicate a more pure gold. For example, 22K gold may not have much else added to it. 18K gold usually has a bit of copper and silver added. If the gold appears darker, it may have more copper, but if it appears lighter, it may have more silver or rhodium added.

Gold is naturally very soft and could break easily. Adding other metals to gold to make jewelry makes it more durable and more affordable.


Colors of Gold Jewelry: Rose Gold
Make a Statement

Chic and on-trend, it's the warm-hued gold that plays with others. Craftsmen develop this gold using a combination of gold, copper and (sometimes) silver. The beautiful pink hue comes in various shades of gold and is a beautiful choice for many skin tones. This tone of gold has risen in popularity in recent years and is now available in a larger selection of jewelry styles. SHOP ROSE GOLD > LEARN MORE ABOUT ROSE GOLD >

Colors of Gold Jewelry: Yellow Gold
The Forever Classic

Turning heads on red carpets everywhere this season, the timeless gold choice is having a fashion moment (again). A favorite through generations, this gold jewelry updates a classic choice with modern styling. It looks good in any style or with any fashion trend. Classic gold jewelry is also beautiful layered and mixed with similar styles.


Colors of Gold Jewelry: White Gold
Your Versatile Stacking Hero

A beautiful complement to diamonds, this is a key material when mixing golds together. This light color gold is a classic choice for gemstone jewelry and, of course, for diamonds. Mixing colors of gold jewelry together adds style and helps you get use out of your favorite jewelry pieces.



Two-tone or Tri-tone Gold Jewelry

Explore this fresh look with lasting style. Jewelry designs using two or more colors of gold are at the forefront of fashion this year. Two-tone or tri-tone gold jewelry means mixing and matching all colors of gold. You can't go wrong with gold jewelry that mixes and matches all of the gold tones together. It's the best of all of the gold color worlds!


Colors of Gold Jewelry: Engagement Rings

Metals matter, too! Happily ever after comes in all shades of gold. It's all about finding your unique style. From simple, elegant classics to more ornate, contemporary designs, engagement rings shine in all types of colors of gold. Showcase the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring in the perfect color of gold. No matter your partner?s gold style, Jared has an engagement ring to fit their needs.


Stop by a Jared store near you to explore various colors of gold jewelry. Try on gold jewelry styles to see what looks best with your skin tone or with your style. Because of the different shades of gold offered at Jared, there is certainly something for everyone when it comes to gold jewelry options.
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