Learn All About Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

colored engagement rings

All About Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to diamonds, those that are colorless have long been considered the best quality and assigned the highest grades on the color scale.

Yet nature produces many colors of diamonds beyond white. Diamonds known as "fancy" color diamonds, such as blue, red, green and deep yellow are very unusual in nature.

Most diamonds have a tinge of color, the most common being yellow. Diamond color generally comes from trace amounts of a particular element in the diamond. For example, nitrogen gives diamonds a yellow tint, while boron gives diamonds a hint of blue.

Diamonds are graded on a scale from D to Z. Most colors are not visible to the naked eye until J, K or L (but only if the stone is at least a half carat). Diamonds designated as having Z color are natural fancy yellow diamonds. Their hue is very saturated, making them rare and valuable. This is true of fancy color diamonds overall - the higher the saturation level, the more valuable the diamond.

Natural brown diamonds range in color from light cinnamon to dark coffee brown. Unlike other colored diamonds, the hues in brown diamonds are caused by distortions in the diamond's structure that took place as the diamond was being formed.

These days, nature gets a little help from processes that enhance a diamond's color to make it more vivid. You'll find a spectrum of colors appearing on the fingers of brides-to-be. Looking to celebrate their individuality and take a new spin on tradition, many women are loving what's possible with colored diamonds.

One of the most popular colors in engagement rings today is yellow. 

Talk to your Jared jewelry specialist about color options for your engagement ring. It might be just what your fiancée is dreaming of.