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Chosen® by Jared

Some would say you don’t choose love; it chooses you.

Love is kismet. It’s a lightning strike amidst the daily drizzle of the mundane. What is chosen is the path you take together, the life you make, the future the two of you define. What’s chosen is the way you symbolize your love. So why not choose an extraordinary ring – one you create step by precious step or one designed by our master jewelers – that is equal to the uniqueness and brilliance of your love?

Chosen allows you to choose from our range of high-quality natural diamonds, center stone shapes and lab-created diamond options, then enables you to select the setting as well as personalization. It’s a one-of-a-kind ring befitting of a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Chosen engagement ring with empty center stone setting surrounded by loose diamond center stones.

The Chosen Process

So many things go into growing your love. Just a few steps go into symbolizing it in extraordinary fashion.

Our new Chosen Complete offering allows you to choose an engagement ring completely designed by master jewelers and waiting for you. High-caliber diamonds and precious metals, hand-selected and luxuriously crafted to reflect many of our most popular designs, Chosen Complete just may be your ideal choice.

Find Your Perfect Match

Begin your journey together with an exquisite wedding band that elegantly symbolizes your enduring love and commitment.
  • Women's Chosen by Jared wedding band.
    Women's Bands
    Choose a glittering band as radiant as the love you share.
  • Chosen by Jared men's wedding band
    Men's Bands
    Find a polished band that beautifully complements their Chosen® ring

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