Great Gift Ideas for an 18th Birthday

Stackable rings for her 18th birthday

Jewelry for an 18th birthday

The big 18! The gateway to adulthood. It's a year of high school graduation and new beginnings.

This is the perfect chance to give a birthday gift that will commemorate the occasion for years to come.

At this age, most young women and men are old enough to appreciate fine jewelry without losing or outgrowing it. As you start looking for a gift, here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Gifts for your not-so-little girl

Now that she's an adult, your 18-year-old will have a better appreciation for timeless styles that she can wear throughout adulthood. But, like always, when you're picking out a piece of jewelry, don't forget keep her unique sense of style in mind.

1. Her first diamond
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and turning 18 is the perfect chance to celebrate with a glittery new accessory. Think about gifting her with a pair of beautiful diamond stud earrings or a timeless diamond necklace .

2. A birthstone piece
Whether it's an elegant ring or necklace, giving birthstone jewelry is always a good idea. It's sure to spark special memories of her 18th birthday whenever she puts it on.
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3. Something simple
If you're trying to spend modestly, simple jewelry is highly appreciated at a lower price point. Look into giving her a bracelet or a necklace in a sleek metal such as rose gold or silver depending on your budget.

4. Charms & inspirations
If your 18th birthday girl wears a charm bracelet , your gift search is even easier. Giving her an "18" charm or a charm with a college focus will mark this special occasion while enhancing her well-loved accessory. If charm bracelets aren't her thing, give her a necklace with an inspirational message, such as "hope" or "love." You can also visit our custom design studio and personalize a design just for her.
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5. Big and bold
If your birthday girl likes to make a statement, give her a vibrant piece of jewelry that'll brighten up any ensemble. From glamorous gemstone rings to bold, eye-catching pendants, she'll have the confidence to strut into adulthood in style.
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A gift for your not-so-little boy

Jewelry for your growing boy? It's not out of the question. One special way to commemorate your son's entrance into adulthood is by giving him a watch. Timepieces are sleek, classic, and mature - the ideal gift for an 18-year-old.
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No matter which piece of jewelry you choose to give them for their milestone birthday, it will surely put a smile on their face and warmth in their heart.