10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Men


Mens jewelry gift ideas

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

It's beginning to look a lot like holiday shopping season! As you purchase gifts for your loved ones, you might find the gentlemen on your list more difficult to buy for.


The truth is, holiday shopping for men can be a challenge. But, don't fret - his gift could be at Jared.

As you start perusing the jewelry, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What's his style like? Is he professional or playful, technical or trendy?
Keeping his style and profession in mind will help you pick out an ideal piece.

2. Do any of his male friends or family wear jewelry?
If you can find a style similar to theirs, he may share their tastes.

3. Have you tried dropping it into conversation?
Casually mentioning jewelry that you've seen on TV or seen on your friends will help you assess his reaction.

Once you've got his style figured out, these 10 holiday gift ideas can help you narrow down your options.

1. RINGS: Titanium, gold, or even a gemstone ring evoke a bold and classy style.

2. BRACELETS OR CUFFS: From sleek metal to rustic leather, there are a variety of masculine bracelets out there for the men in your life.

3. CUFF LINKS: If he's a polished professional, cuff links can provide the perfect accent to his work attire.

4. CHAINS, PENDANTS, OR DOG TAGS: If you think he'd wear a necklace, look into chains, dog tags, or pendant styles. While chains are more classic, engraved dog tags or pendants featuring a meaningful charm like a cross or medical symbol, may resonate with the recipient.

5. DIAMOND EARRINGS: Does he have his ears pierced? Consider gifting him with a nice set of diamond studs for the holidays.

6. ENGRAVED JEWELRY: If the guy in your life appreciates more personalized items, give him a ring, pocket watch, or cuff bracelet engraved with his initials or a special phrase.

7. WATCHES & SUCH: Mechanical designs, electronic models, or high-end styles... watches fit all personality types.

8. USEFUL PIECES: If you don't think he'd want to wear jewelry, consider giving him a functional gift like a key ring, money clip, or tie bar.

9. TEAM JEWELRY: For sports lovers, give them a team or sports-themed piece like cuff links or watch.

10. JEWELRY VALET: If he already has a large jewelry collection, give him a velvet or satin lined box to store it in.