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Schedule an Appointment at Jared to speak with our Master Craftsmen and Certified Diamontologists

Why Making an Appointment at Jared is a Great Idea

You're always welcome to stop by the Jared store near you to browse or consult with our jewelry specialist.

But we know how valuable your time is...and we don't want to keep you waiting. That's why making an appointment makes sense.

We can devote an hour (or more) to helping you find the right engagement ring. Or the ideal gift that perfectly expresses your feelings for the people you love best.

Unlike getting engaged, making an appointment does not require a commitment on your part.

Perhaps you're just doing a little investigative work prior to making a big purchase. Or you're well on your way and need a little guidance. Wherever you may be on your journey, we'd like nothing better than to help you find the one piece that's going to wow, dazzle, and delight -- whether that's during your appointment or somewhere down the road.

Our jewelry specialist will answer your questions, work with you to figure out what best matches your style and preferences and provide guidance on keeping your purchase within your budget.

Schedule an appointment at Jared for a variety of services to your new or old jewelry