Wedding Gift Etiquette Guide

Wedding Gift Etiquette Guide

There are some basic rules of thumb you should keep in mind when it comes to giving a couple a gift for their wedding. From how much to spend, to determining whether you should give a gift at all, we're covering wedding gift etiquette 101.

When to give a wedding gift:

  • If you were invited to the wedding
  • If you were invited but cannot attend the wedding
  • If you already gave the bride a gift at her bridal shower

When you are not required to give a wedding gift:

  • If you received an announcement of a couple's wedding but not an invitation
  • You are attending a destination wedding and the couple has made it clear your attendance is enough

Note: If you are attending a destination wedding and it is not stipulated by the bride and groom that gifts are not expected, it is appropriate to give a less expensive gift that takes into account the expense of attending the wedding itself.

About what you should spend:

  • This is a personal decision. There is no standard amount that is expected to be spent for a wedding gift.
  • Some guests like to set a budget for the entire wedding, one that accounts for a bridal shower gift and other wedding festivities, as well.

Timing of gift giving:

  • Long-standing etiquette states you have one year from the wedding to give a gift.
  • You can also give the gift before the date of the wedding.
  • The gift can be brought to the wedding or sent to the couple.


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