Wedding Band Options for Him

Wedding Band Options for Him

While her engagement ring may be the main event when it comes to wedding rings, don't forget about the myriad wedding band options for him. You can never go wrong with a classic platinum or gold band, but there are some other style options to make a statement and add a masculine touch to a wedding band.


Start simple
Of course, there are some basics to consider first when picking a wedding band. Aside from metal choice, width is one of the first details to think about. In general, a thinner band is a subtler style choice, while a thicker band tends to make a bit of a bolder statement.

Whether the ring will complement or match her wedding band is another choice to consider upfront. There is no standard for couples matching their rings, it is truly up to you. Some couples like to show unity by matching, while others choose to embrace their own individual style. Either way, it is important for the bride and groom to be aligned on this decision prior to choosing a band.

Traditional or alternative
Now, we're getting to the fun part - the metal. There are two basic classes of metal for guys to choose from for their wedding bands: traditional and alternative.

As you may suspect, metals that are considered traditional are gold, sterling silver, and platinum. These choices are classics and have, of course, been used in wedding bands for centuries.

Alternative metals are newer to the wedding band scene, but are becoming just as popular as the demand for different looks and qualities rises.

Alternatives include cobalt, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, and titanium. These metals can not only take on different looks, but they possess unique properties that make them incredibly strong and durable.
Learn more about traditional and alternative metal options here.

Unique touches
Simple and sleek is always a great option, but extra details are an ideal way to express one's style and individuality.

Starting with finishes, options can range from matte to high shine.

Engraved details can also enhance a band's look, whether inherent to the overall design or added custom.

Finally, don't forget about some sophisticated shine. Diamonds and gems can create a distinct and powerful look.


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