Anniversary Gemstones By Year

Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

An anniversary is joyful, but it's also an achievement. A bond and partnership that has lasted the test of time is surely something to celebrate. Many anniversaries are associated with specific gems, and some share a gemstone. Find the right one for your upcoming anniversary.

Sapphire: 5th, 45th, 65th

Sapphires come in multiple colors, but blue is the traditional color. Go big with a statement ring, or play it more subtle with a sapphire pendant. The 65th anniversary is considered a Jubilee anniversary, so an extra special sapphire gift or something in an alternate color is a sure winner.

Diamond: 10th, 60th

Simple diamond studs will do nicely, but don't count out a fantastic bracelet or ring. A 60th anniversary is a wonderful time for a new breathtaking anniversary band. And really, any anniversary is a good one to give diamonds.

Ruby: 15th, 40th, 80th

A ruby shares the same color as love and passion, something you two are keeping up with at 15 years and beyond. Rubies are a staple in nearly every type and style of jewelry, and they make a bold declaration of devotion.

Emerald: 20th, 35th

Emerald is especially gorgeous and fitting of marking a milestone. You can't go wrong with a bold ring or earrings.

Pearl: 3rd, 30th

Pearls are most associated with the 30th anniversary, but are also appropriate for the less-celebrated third anniversary. If she has pearls, add to her collection with a complementary style. If she doesn't own any pearls, a simple strand necklace or studs make ideal gifts.

Alexandrite: 55th

Alexandrite is an exciting stone, known to change colors depending on the angle the light hits it. It's a unique and spectacular way to toast 55 years.

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