Unique Engagement Rings - Gemstone Engagement Rings



Discover non-traditional styles that distinctly reflect who you are with our unique engagement ring collection at Jared. From gemstone engagement rings to other one-of-a-kind styles, unique engagement rings are unparalleled and show-stopping.

An engagement ring is an expression of you. Yes, it represents your everlasting love and your commitment to one another, but beyond that, the engagement ring style you choose is a direct reflection of the person you are and the looks you love. Engagement ring styles vary from two main categories: traditional engagement rings and unique engagement rings. Unique engagement rings, or non-traditional engagement rings, are bold and daring. They're distinct and exciting, creating a whole new world of engagement ring options. Unique engagement rings have many potential elements, and many differing factors that could make them one-of-a-kind. They can have different diamonds such as uncut diamonds, colored diamonds or multiple stones. Instead of diamonds even, non-traditional engagement rings could also be decorated with gemstones. In the fashion world, gemstone engagement rings have continued to grow in popularity. In addition to their stunning array of colors, gemstone engagement rings are special because most gemstones have distinct meanings and representations, making them a thoughtful engagement ring choice. Most notably, gemstone engagement rings with aquamarine, morganite, blue topaz, yellow beryl, sapphire and emerald have become top engagement ring choices. These colors stand out, and are an edgy and chic way to celebrate your incredible love story.

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