Traditional Heart Shaped Jewelry Ideas for Valentine's Day

Traditional Heart-Shaped Jewelry Ideas for Valentine's Day

You'll see a lot of hearts in the jewelry case, especially around Valentine's Day. Consider any of the following lovely options for your sweetheart this year.

Heart-shaped stones
A stone cut into a heart shape is both stunning and whimsical. Of course, red is an enchanting and holiday-appropriate choice. A ring or a necklace are both ideal for a heart-shaped gem.

Heart charms
Simple and delicate, heart-shaped charms are an exquisite detail on a necklace or bracelet. If she already has a charm bracelet, make sure the charms are compatible. If not, Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to start one for her.

Heart motifs
Heart designs are common on jewelry, from a diamond-decorated line of hearts along a bracelet to heart-shaped lockets to dainty heart stud earrings. No matter her taste, there's a style to match.

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