The Ideal Cut Diamond was born of academic study. Marcel Tolkowsky wanted to determine the precise proportions of a diamond's cut to maximize its brilliance and dispersion of light. His studies proved that if a diamond was cut too shallow or too deep, light escaped from the bottom and sides, resulting in a loss of fire, sparkle and brilliance from the top. This led to the creation of the Ideal Cut diamond, prized for its ability to bring forth the fire and brilliance hidden in the heart of the diamond. The Ideal Cut remains the benchmark for industry excellence and the name Tolkowsky synonymous with unsurpassed excellence.

Perfected and Certified

All TOLKOWSKY loose diamonds at Jared are guaranteed to score three "VERY HIGH" ratings in the measurements of Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle, as shown here in the blue bands. All TOLKOWSKY Diamond solitaire earrings are guaranteed to score two "VERY HIGH" ratings. The red bands represent the light performance of a conventional cut diamond of comparable quality and weight.

Every TOLKOWSKY Diamond is accompanied by a GemEx Certificate as proof of the diamond's superior light performance. All TOLKOWSKY center diamonds are certified Ideal Cut and come with a certificate of authenticity and gemological certificate from an independent diamond grading laboratory.

TOLKOWSKY at Jared: Design Your Own Ring

If the woman you love has changed your life forever, maybe it's time to introduce her to the diamond that's changed diamonds forever. At Jared, our expert Jewelry Specialists and Diamontologists will guide you through our selection of TOLKOWSKY diamonds and hundreds of settings -all specifically selected to help you create the one ring she'll adore forever.

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