5 Ways To Give a Surprise Gift

5 Special Ways to Give a Surprise Gift

You've selected the ideal gift, now take the moment to the next level with these 5 surprise ways of gift giving.

1. Unexpected Delivery: Your recipient might already be expecting a gift from you for an upcoming occasion. Find someone the recipient would never think would give a jewelry gift. You could choose a child, your neighbor or even your pet (if he or she will cooperate).

2. Sneaky Packaging: The trick here is to sow seeds of disappointment that turn to joy. Start with the empty box from some utilitarian item - housewares or hardware tools for example.

3. Unexpected Find: Whether wrapped or not, put the present somewhere unexpected where you know it will be discovered. Possibilities might be in a frequently worn shoe or bicycle helmet.

4. Scavenger Hunt: This takes planning and coordination, but the results can be priceless. You can have just a few clues or go crazy with a lengthy adventure all over the house - or even throughout the neighborhood. The final clue, of course, will reveal the location of your actual gift, so you should make it a tough one.

5. Your Special Place: Think of the spots that have singular meaning for you and your relationship. These memory-packed locales can really set the mood when you spring the gift of jewelry on your significant other. To weave in the surprise element, suggest this outing like it's an event unto itself. Then, when you get there, find a moment to share your hidden agenda and, voila, out comes the jewelry box.

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