Best Stocking Stuffer Ever: Jewelry

Best Stocking Stuffer Ever: Jewelry

There is no better example of the old adage good things come in small packages than jewelry. This year, think outside-the-tree and use their stocking to deliver a gift that is sure to be their favorite this Christmas.

There are two main reasons jewelry is the ideal stocking stuffer: the size factor and the surprise factor.

Generally speaking, a jewelry box (no matter what kind of piece is inside) won't be as large as the average box or gift bag that sits under the tree. If you've given jewelry in past years, you may recall trying to find the right place to put the small box among the mountains of bigger ones.

If you have children, you might know by now that a tiny box nestled among the presents doesn't stand a chance of staying safely-put when Christmas morning arrives. These factors alone make the stocking the best place for your present, but there is an even more compelling factor.

Traditionally, the stocking is not the main event on Christmas morning. It is a beloved part of the day, but people don't usually expect to find anything but candy and small, inexpensive gifts. This makes the stocking ideal for a totally unexpected surprise. Whether you place the jewelry box so it peeks out of the top of the stocking or bury it underneath the other gifts, it is sure to make Christmas morning extra special.

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