Matching Wedding Bands: Should Your Rings Match?

Matching Wedding Bands: Should Your Rings Match?

To match or not to match your wedding bands is a highly personal decision, one that has no right or wrong answer. To help determine which course you might take, traditional or non-traditional, let's review some details.

The traditional choice: a matched set - one band for her, one for him.

Reasons to match:

  • Rings are an outward expression that you and your spouse have become one unit.
  • They demonstrate that you have similar styles and belong together.
  • It shows that you value tradition.

So, what happens if matching isn't your cup of tea?

The non-traditional choice: Different wedding bands.

Reasons to have separate looks:
  • You want to each express your individuality.
  • You want to avoid one partner feeling pressured to choose a matching band he or she doesn't like.
  • You want to choose a ring that best complements your skin tone and reflects your personal style.

What if the two of you still can't decide?

Think about complementary rings. Jewelers can show you many choices that are not identical matches but share style themes:
  • Two bands of different styles but identical metals.
  • Two bands of different metals but the same style.

Only you can decide what wedding band will make you and your partner happy. It's up to each of you to celebrate the other's personal preferences.



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