Choosing an Engagement Ring that will Work for Her Profession

Choosing an Engagement Ring Based on Profession

While personal style should be top consideration, it doesn't hurt to think about the practical aspects of an engagement ring. This ring is intended to be worn every day, so consider something that will keep pace with daily life.

For an executive or corporate professional
This is one segment where few occupational hazards need to be considered. A larger, flashier ring could be an asset to a woman in the corporate world. If image is important, a ring that projects sophistication, success, and power can make an impact. Those in sales may find this particularly useful.

For hands-on jobs
This category applies to chefs, landscapers, artists, cleaners, tellers and anyone who requires their hands to do their job. Will the ring be worn during work? Look at smooth designs that won't catch dirt and debris or styles that easily can be worn under gloves. Regardless of style, remember to take advantage of Jared's ring cleaning services.

Other types of professions:

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