Rings 101

Rings 101

Anatomy of a ring
A ring has four basic components, all of which should be considered when choosing your style:

  • The setting: The top of the ring that holds a stone in place. This may also be referred to as the head of the ring.
    Common setting types include:
    • Prong: The most common setting. There are 4-6 prongs that hold the stone in place.
    • Bezel: A thin metal band encircles the stone to secure it.
    • Tension: No visible prongs, the stone is gripped by the sides of the band.
    • PavĂ©: Several small stones are clustered tightly together.

  • The band: Also known as the shank of the ring, the band is the piece that circles around your finger. It is generally composed of a metal such as sterling silver or gold.
    • The shoulder: The top two sides of the ring that stretch out on either side of the center stone.
    • The gallery: This is the part that is between the top of the ring and the band. On many vintage style rings, you will see fancy scrollwork in the gallery, which is best viewed from the side of the ring.


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