Pins 101

Pins 101

Pins, sometimes known as brooches, may seem old-school to some, but these pieces can be far more versatile than most realize.

To be technical, pins are actually a smaller version of a brooch. Pin has come to be the more common term for both, though. These pieces of jewelry feature a design that can be pinned to an item, traditionally to the lapel of a garment. Today, pins are being worn in a variety of ways, all of which enhance everyday accessories with major style.

Alternative ways to wear pins and brooches

Kick up your heels: For a look that's unexpected, a pin or brooch can be added to your shoes for a touch of embellishment. This is an ideal move if you're looking to up the fancy-factor on a pair of shoes.

Top it off: Hats and headbands are perfect places to pin a brooch. Add unique detail and shine to any type of sunhat, kinit hat or headband.

A better hair pin: You can skip the hat and go right to the hair! Fix your pin to your hair elastic or clip for an elevated and eye-catching look. This can help create a great look for a formal occasion.


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