Creating A Non-Traditional Wedding Ring

Make It Personal With a Non-Traditional Wedding or Engagement Ring

Every wedding ring is special, but some people want their ring to embody their personal values, special dates and quirks. In other words, a traditional wedding ring just won?t do.


I Want My Ring To Stand Apart From The Rest. How Do I Get Started?
There are lots of ways to create or customize a ring that's all your own. One way to get started is by looking for inspiration in stores or online. This will help you learn more about the different styles of rings that are available and can help you explore your preferences. Once you've narrowed down a particular look or feel, you can start thinking about elements like gemstones, metal type and designs. When it comes to non-traditional wedding rings or engagement rings, there's only one rule - make sure the ring fits your personality.

How Can I Make My Wedding Ring Unique?
Check out four of the most popular ways to create a look that reflects your love:

  • Stone Choices: When most people think of wedding rings, the stone that comes to mind is a white diamond. Want something more colorful? Consider a colored diamond, birthstone or a ring with multiple stones or color combinations.
  • Metal Type: Yellow and white gold are popular - and traditional - metals for wedding bands. If you want to think outside the box, consider an atypical color like rose gold, combine metal colors for a two-tone look or choose an off-beat finish such as matte or patterned.
  • Style: In recent years, jewelers have started offering a broad range of styles to cater to diverse tastes. Take time to explore different designs to see what appeals to you. From bold, asymmetrical modern designs to nature-inspired motifs featuring leaves, twigs and flowers, there is a ring out there for everyone.

Creating a non-traditional wedding ring is a fun, rewarding experience that lets you explore your tastes and develop something truly unique to you. Your Jared jewelry specialist is ready to help every step of the way.


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