Necklaces 101

Necklaces 101

With a style for every personality and occasion, you can always count on a necklace to be the ideal finishing touch.

Varieties of necklaces are nearly limitless, but you'll find some styles are the most popular:

In this style, a single ornament is strung along a chain. Pendants are considered a staple piece for any jewelry wardrobe and is the most common type of necklace. They can range from glamorous to playful, simple to sentimental, and anything in between. Here are some different types of pendants:

  • Gemstone: This can be a solitaire or cluster of stones. A bezel-set diamond or gemstone is a modern take on this classic style.
  • Charm: This could represent something you like, such as a favorite animal or hobby, but it can also have sentimental significance.
  • Locket: A pendant that opens like a book to reveal a picture or inscription. Lockets come in a variety of shapes, including hearts.

Strand necklaces feature a collection of gemstones, cultured pearls or beads. Generally strung closely together, strand necklaces can contain patterns or be uniform.

The foundation for many necklaces, the chain is practical, versatile and appropriate for both men and women. Specific types of chains may be worn alone or be the base for other types of necklaces. Here are some chains that are often worn alone:

  • Cuban or curb chains
  • Figaro chains
  • Singapore chain
  • Byzantine chains

Worn closely around the neck, chokers are a striking style of necklace that complements a variety of necklines. Chokers can come in many styles, including shorter versions of those mentioned above.

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