Nude Diamonds & Gemstones

The Nude Palette, Le Vian's 2018 Spring Color Trend of the Year, features a shimmering selection of skin glistening diamond and gems styles to provide chic monochromatic sparkle that is complementary to the latest fashion and beauty trends.


The Le Vian® Nude Palette of Diamonds features a range of natural color brown diamonds, chosen from the top 5% of production, each specific hue selected by Le Vian for its tone and flavor. All Nude Palette diamonds are responsibly sourced by Le Vian, are natural color with no treatments, cut and polished to Le Vian's standards, SI clarity or better.

Nude Diamonds (C2-C3)
Chocolate Ombre Diamonds (C2-C6)
Chocolate Diamonds® (C4-C7)


Morganite, the sister stone of emerald and aquamarine, was first discovered in California and is named for J.P. Morgan, one of the greatest financiers in history and one of the most important gem collectors in the early 1900s. Originally known as pink beryl, this peachy pink gem which is rarer than aquamarine, receives its blush hue through traces of manganese. Stronger colors are possible, although the finest colors are mainly achieved through larger stones. Morganite crystals can be quite large, with stones in Brazil weighing over 22 pounds. The largest Morganite weighing in at 50 pounds was uncovered in the U.S. in 1989 and named "The Rose of Maine." The largest faceted Morganite is a 598.70-carat cushion-shape from Madagascar in the collection of the British Museum. Symbolically, Morganite is thought to induce peace, joy and inner strength.


The lore of opals is plentiful, just like the variety of colors found in this fascinating, kaleidoscopic gem. The Romans believed it was the most powerful of gems and named the stone "opalus". The Greeks thought opals gave them the power of prediction. Europeans saw a symbol of hope, purity and truth. One famous opal "The Burning of Troy" was given by Napoleon to Josephine.

Internal diffraction is what creates the colors you see in an opal and provides its shimmering iridescence. The colors dependent on the size of the silica spheres within the stone. Small spheres show blue, the largest show red and other colors too. The value is determined by the amount of color play within the stone although for many the colors and patterns favored are personal taste.

Neopolitan Opal comes from only one mine - the new Yahwah mine in Ethiopia - and features an intriguing play of background colors combined with a captivating iridescence which blends deliciously with Le Vian® flavors of gold and diamonds, especially Strawberry Gold® and Chocolate Diamonds®


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