Le Vian® Blueberry Sapphire and Denim Ombré®

Le Vian® Royal Blues
The 2018 Fall Color Trend


Blueberry Sapphire

Embrace the beautiful blues of your favorite places with Le Vian® Blueberry Sapphire, the precious gem that symbolizes truth, sincerity and faithfulness. Sapphires have been closely associated with royalty, adorning necklaces, earrings, tiaras, crowns and engagement rings of monarchs past and present. The September birthstone, sapphire, comes from the Greek word sappheiros (blue stone). The blue sapphire receives its color as a result of trace elements of iron and titanium, the more iron in the sapphire, the darker the blue. Le Vian® utilizes exacting standards for its genuine Blueberry Sapphires, choosing only those with a rich royal blue, blueberry flavor. Le Vian® offers both classic and contemporary looks with its Blueberry Sapphire which were chosen from mines in Mozambique.

Delicious flavors of natural color sapphires that graduate in color from light to dark


Denim Ombré®

Denim Ombré® is so comfortable, you will want to wear it every day! The collection features one of the world's toughest gemstones, the highest quality precious sapphires, set in a soothing array of blue hues. Le Vian® has collected, sorted and precision-cut over 50 unique blues for this patented design to create a faded denim look.

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