Le Vian® Baguette Frenzy

Unique interpretations
to the baguette cut


Discover shimmering elegance with the Nude Baguette Frenzy collection at Jared. This latest collection combines the 2019 Diamond of the Year, Nude Diamonds, with the 2019 Cut of the Year Baguette Frenzy in lustrous settings of 14K Strawberry Gold® for a look that is traditional in feel with a chic modern edge. Nude Diamonds are the C2-C3 natural color diamond featured in the Nude Palette that provides complementary sparkle to today's fashion and beauty trends and accentuates your own unique style. A new trend of the year, the classic baguette cut is remastered by Le Vian® through striking new designs. Baguette Frenzy reveals unique interpretations to the baguette cut, resulting in exciting styles with a traditional feel in a modern design. Looks include non-traditional setting and clustering settings that create a princess effect as well as combinations of straight baguettes into a princess or emerald cut. You know her better than anyone - match a Baguette Frenzy piece to her personal style.

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