The Best Jewelry to Wear with a Strapless Dress

The Best Jewelry to Wear with a Strapless Dress

Whether you choose simple sophistication or total glamor, a strapless dress is the ideal look to show off your style with jewelry.

Make sure you choose a focal point, one area that will showcase your jewelry. This could be your neck, ears, wrist, or hand. Making one piece of jewelry the star of the show tends to be a foolproof strategy. So, what styles might you consider?





Consider Pattern
A good rule of thumb is: If the dress has a busy pattern, choose simple jewelry. If the dress is solid or has a more subtle pattern, you can amp up the jewelry. The idea is to achieve balance.

Don't Forget the Hair
Up-dos and short hair reveal show-stopping earrings and necklaces the best. If you prefer wearing your hair down, a statement bracelet or ring is the ideal place to create drama.

No matter the occasion, a gorgeous strapless dress deserves some spectacular jewelry.

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