The Best Jewelry to Wear on a Night Out

The Best Jewelry Looks to Wear on a Night Out

You may have your everyday jewelry styles, but an evening out is a great opportunity to show off something extra special.

Perfect in cultured pearls
Though lovely in the day as well, cultured pearls have a sophistication that is perfect for evening. Ideal for a formal event, cultured pearls add instant class to a little black dress, white button down, or cozy turtleneck.

Gorgeous in gemstones
Fabulous colored gemstone jewelry is always a mainstay on the red carpet, so take a page from the stars and get colorful. Choose jewelry that will accentuate your best features by drawing the eye with a glittering, colorful gemstone.

Dazzling in diamonds
Diamonds seem to be made for special occasions. Add some sparkle to your outfit with gorgeous diamond styles. Try these combinations:

  • Diamond earrings with a diamond bracelet
  • A diamond necklace with a diamond ring


The idea is to achieve balance. From basic black to bold patterns, diamonds go with everything!

Wow with a watch
Watches aren't just practical, they can make quite the statement. Though a bit more conservative, a dress watch adds elegance to a dress or fancy top. If you're looking to make a powerful impression, consider a watch for your special occasion.

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