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Jewelry Education

When it comes to jewelry and jewelry education, there's so much more than meets the eye. Let Jared be your one stop resource for discovering all the latest style tips, jewelry information and more. Start with general jewelry education and learn more about ring sizing, ear piercing, necklace lengths and other basic jewelry articles. Dig deeper into diamonds by exploring more about them with information including the 4Cs and diamond certifications. Ready to take the next big step in your love and commitment to one another? Find need to know jewelry information about the engagement ring process such as engagement ring settings and how to choose the right engagement ring. Learn fashion advice including what to wear for a job interview and general style tips for your favorite outfits. Whatever information you're looking for, visit our jewelry education section for the latest tips and articles on all things jewelry.

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Jewelry 101

With jewelry basics and information, browse important jewelry education topics such as the 4Cs diamond guide, diamond verifications 101 and the American Gem Society. Diamonds represent important milestones in our lives in jewelry such as promise rings, engagement rings, wedding rings and anniversary rings. These are significant and high-end jewelry pieces that require a lot of thought and care, so you want to make sure they're exactly how you prefer. Visit our jewelry basics and information section to learn more about these precious stones at Jared.

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Engagement & Wedding Jewelry Questions

So you're ready to express your love and commitment to your significant other? Congratulations on taking this next big step! We're so happy for you, and are here to be your resource for all things engagement and wedding jewelry. Browse our jewelry education section for important topics on the engagement ring process and finding the perfect engagement and wedding rings that speak the most to you. Learn more with articles such as choosing the right engagement ring for your hand, engagement ring settings, matching wedding bands and bridal sets.

4 C's of a Diamond
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Gifts & Occasion Ideas

Jewelry makes the perfect gift for any occasion, but choosing the ideal gift can sometimes be a challenge. Let Jared ease your mind and guide you in finding that special jewelry gift that means so much. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, anniversary or just because, our jewelry information section on gifts and occasions has all you need to know to choose the perfect gift for your loved one, relative or a friend. Browse helpful articles with important tips about gifts such as giving a surprise gift, anniversary gifts and how best to travel with your timeless jewelry.

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How to Wear - Jewelry Style Help

Your jewelry is an important accessory that adds an extra element to every outfit. From necklaces to rings to bracelets to charms, the type of jewelry you wear could depend on your outfit for the day. In our jewelry education section of what to wear, discover important jewelry information for various occasions such as style tips and tricks, what to wear for a job interview, what to wear with a little black dress or what to wear with a strapless dress.

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