How to Remove a Ring that is Stuck on Your Finger

How to Remove a Ring that is Stuck on Your Finger

Oops, you have a ring stuck on your finger. First, don't panic - if you got it on, you can get it off. Take a breath and try these solutions.

  • Swelling may be the culprit. The go-to medical way to reduce swelling is to raise the hand and apply a cold compress. Try to, gently remove the ring again once you've applied both these recommendations.
  • Find something slippery. Petroleum jelly, hand cream or olive oil may do the trick. Slather your finger and gently twist the ring to loosen. Slowly but surely, gently pull and twist to remove the ring.
  • In the event of an emergency, when nothing is working - call your doctor. Your doctor should have a solution to remove the ring, including the methods we described. In extreme cases, the ring may need to be cut off.

If your ring is getting stuck frequently, talk to a Jared jewelry specialist about options for resizing.


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