How to Pack Jewelry When Traveling

How to Pack Jewelry When Traveling

Packing your jewelry for an upcoming trip is simple and does not need to be frustrating. Using some everyday items you likely already have around the house, you'll be set to jet in no time!


  • Attach your earrings to an index card to keep them secure and together.
  • Use a button for each set of earrings. Fasten the earring through the holes of the button and then drop all your pairs into a bag or small box.

  • Loop a delicate, thin necklace through a drinking straw and fasten the two ends of the necklace together.
  • Use the same method for larger, bulkier necklaces with a toilet paper or paper towel roll cut to size.

Rings & Bracelets:

Finally, if you travel frequently, it may be wise to pick up a travel case. Good cases come in many styles and sizes and can be inexpensive. Happy travels!


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