How to Ask for Jewelry for Your Anniversary

How to Drop Hints for Anniversary Gifts

Some men are better than others when it comes to gift-giving. If jewelry is something you really want, it helps to drop some hints so your partner knows what to buy. Here are a few ways to tell him what you want, in a loving (and maybe not-so-subtle) way.

Subtle hints:
Some men may not catch subtle hints, but it can be a good place to start. Try casually mentioning some jewelry you really like. If he catches on and realizes this would make a great gift, you've given him a starting place for his anniversary shopping.

Harder hints:
If you've tried the subtle method and you think he may not have caught on, go for something a little more obvious. Consider leaving your computer open to a Pinterest page with "Anniversary Gift" pins, or leave a magazine or catalog open with sticky notes on pictures of jewelry you like.

Social media is another way to share clues with your partner. Send him Instagram posts of jewelry items you've been obsessing over, or "Like" specific jewelry posts on Facebook. If he sees you searching at home, just tell him you're looking at some "jewelry you've been eyeing."

Make it obvious:
If your partner prefers that you tell him exactly what you want, send him direct website links or take him shopping with you. There's no shame in just asking for or showing him exactly what you want!


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