Holiday Diamond Gift Giving Guide

Nothing is more well received than the gift of diamonds. The holidays are an especially magical time to show her how much you adore her with a piece of jewelry that mirrors the beauty of this frosty season. Here are some tips on picking the right piece of diamond jewelry for her.

Examine her jewelry wardrobe
Open your eyes and your ears to figure out what she might be wishing for this year. Take stock of her jewelry - is she missing a staple piece like a great watch or pearl studs? Does she ever complain when she gets ready with comments like, "I need a better pair of earrings to wear with this," or "All my necklaces are so dated." Take note of these remarks. Perhaps she comments on other women's jewelry, giving you a clue or two as to what she likes.

Consider her style and daily routine
Is your significant other a glamour girl or a little more casual? Does she often dress up or does she dread fancy occasions? The answers to these questions should be an indication of the right kind of diamond jewelry for her. For the woman who frequently dresses up for nights out and special occasions, go for something with a little more flash, like a diamond choker or dangling diamond earrings. If she's more likely to be kicking back than dressing up, consider diamond studs or a tennis bracelet, both of which are perfect for any occasion, even daily wear.

Be careful with rings
A diamond ring and a ring with diamonds can mean two different things. To many, a diamond ring is unmistakably an engagement ring. If you're not married or planning a proposal, be extremely conscious of what giving her a diamond ring may imply. If you're not ready to pop the question, you may want to stay away from rings altogether and choose a bracelet, earrings or necklace.

If you are married, these concerns do not apply. Giving her an additional band with diamonds or a ring that features a color diamond would be an excellent choice.


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