Fashion vs Investment Jewelry

How to Choose Between Costume and Fine Jewelry

Let's start with some definitions. Costume jewelry is something that speaks to the trends of a certain moment. It is generally inexpensive, compared to fine jewelry, and is often purchased as an impulse buy, perhaps to accompany a specific outfit.\

Fine fashion jewelry is made with high-quality materials, such as diamonds, gemstones, gold and sterling silver. These items are more of an investment, but they also last longer than costume jewelry, both in style and quality.

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It's a good rule of thumb to invest a little more in fine jewelry you'll either wear frequently throughout your life or that you want to show off for special occasions. You might even think about items you intend to pass down as an heirloom.

Do your homework prior to shopping. Know the 4C's of diamond quality (they don't just apply to engagement rings), your options for metals and settings and your appropriate sizing. Your Jared jewelry specialist can help guide you through any questions you encounter.

Consider these ideas for ideal investment pieces:

  • Earrings - Every woman needs a special pair of earrings. These could be everyday diamond or cultured pearl studs or something for a special occasion, like diamond hoops or dangling gemstones.
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  • Watch - A Swiss watch is an excellent choice for those who like to wear a timepiece.
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  • A charm bracelet or necklace - Add to a bracelet with special charms over time or pick one meaningful charm to feature in a necklace.
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  • A ring featuring a favorite gemstone.
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  • A simple necklace, perhaps a gold chain or a diamond solitaire, that will pair well with nearly anything.
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