Every diamond has a truly remarkable journey, a billion years in the making.
A spectacular beauty created under intense heat and elemental pressure nearly one hundred miles beneath the Earth's surface.
It is nature's masterpiece. Then, we make it yours.

The Search

In countries across the world, our experts consider countless carats in a quest for a select few that meet Jared's standards to become a Chosen diamond.

It's a one-of-a-kind story that must be told from the very beginning. And just like your story, it's an incredible one.

The Selection

Relying on shape, color, quality - and pure intuition - our experts begin to sense the potential of the brilliant diamond within. Using innovative technology, they can then peer inside, creating a three-dimensional image that assists in optimizing the beauty and quality of the diamond.


Through precision lasering, the diamond is cut and fashioned into its basic silhouette. Using a cast-iron wheel, our expert polishers then begin to carve into the shape by hand, adding key facets, and with them, the first flashes of light.


At last, the details. The final chapter of a diamond's journey through the cutting and polishing process is brillianteering - the intricate touches done by hand that give a diamond its vivid sparkle and fire.

Based on its rare attributes, final facets are cut to specific proportions, maximizing the natural light that enters and exits the stone for an utterly brilliant effect.

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