Semi-Precious Color Gemstones: Instead of The Big Three

Semi-precious color gemstones: Beyond the big three

When we think about color gemstones, sapphires , rubies and emeralds tend to come to mind first. But there are so many other beautiful options out there. Consider going beyond the typical "Big Three."

Semi-precious color gemstones come in all shades, sizes, and prices, giving you more choices. Some stones, like garnets and topaz, come in different colors and shades.

Common Color Gemstone Options:

The big three tend to be expensive, especially in their natural form. Generally, the more vivid the color, the more expensive the stone. One way to get a larger natural stone is to look beyond these three. Lab-created stones can give you more color with a little less cost, as well.

Durability / Use
Stones like diamonds are very durable and hard, while stones like cultured pearls and opals are soft and fragile. Generally, harder stones work better in rings and bracelets. Softer, more delicate stones are safer in necklaces, earrings, and special occasion jewelry when the chance of damage is reduced.

Use this information as a foundation to start your color gemstone search. You're on your way to finding a personal, unique, and meaningful piece of jewelry.


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