Choosing an Anniversary Band to Complement Your Wedding Rings: Checklist

Choosing an Anniversary Band to Complement Your Wedding Rings: Checklist

The joy of getting a beautiful ring to celebrate your relationship does not have to stop after your engagement and wedding. Anniversary bands are a special way to commemorate your years together and are the ideal gift to celebrate the occasion. Here's what you'll need to consider when choosing an anniversary band:

Think about how it will be worn

  • There is no correct finger for an anniversary band.
  • The band can stack with the engagement and wedding rings.
  • Some couples choose to retire the original wedding band and replace it with an anniversary band.
  • The band may be worn on a different finger or hand altogether, opening the door to an entirely different style.

Pick your metal and setting

  • If the anniversary band is intended to be worn with the other bridal rings, it's very stylish to mix and match colors of gold, but make sure the style and width is such that the rings fit easily together.
  • If being worn separately from the wedding and engagement rings, there are more options. You might still choose to keep a similar look to the other rings. Or perhaps her style has evolved over the years, and this is a chance to choose a ring that fits who she is now.
  • For inspiration, find out which metal aligns with the anniversary you're celebrating - such as silver, gold or platinum. That might be the perfect choice for your band.

Decide if you want a special band

  • Diamond bands, such as eternity bands, are popular for anniversaries.
  • Choose an inscription on the inside of your band.

Consider gem color

  • Like metals, certain gemstones correlate with specific anniversaries. Consider choosing a gem according to tradition.


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