Choosing a Classic Engagement Ring Style

Choosing a classic engagement ring style

When choosing an engagement ring, there is a fine balance between finding a style that is personal and unique, and one that will stand the test of time. Here are a few tips to select the ring you?ll love today and for the rest of your life.

A style for the ages
When choosing a ring, think about what will make you smile on your 5th, 15th, and 25th anniversary, developing more meaning with every passing year.

A round diamond solitaire is the most iconic engagement ring style, with a princess-cut as a close second. Both of these can be made more unique by adjusting the setting, size, metal, or band to your liking. But they'll always remain stunning and classic.

If you have a dramatic or romantic sense of style that you plan to hold on to, incorporate that into your ring design. Reflect on the past to see what styles you gravitate toward that have stuck over the years. An emerald, pear or heart shape diamond is a classic style that may appeal more to your tastes. Or perhaps a gorgeous halo design, with round diamonds framing the center stone.
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A band that lasts
Besides the diamond, you'll also want to look for a band that can handle some wear and tear over the years. The most commonly used materials are yellow, white, and rose gold. White gold is the most popular of the three, but yellow and rose are equally classic. Consider what other jewelry you commonly wear and how the color of gold will look with your everyday attire. Bands with more than one shade of gold have become trendy and could be a good compromise as well.

A family heirloom
Do you have an heirloom ring that you love? This can be a great option since you already know the style and materials hold up over time. It also will tell the story of days gone by and symbolize your love that will grow into the future. The professional jewelers at Jared can also talk to you about ways to update or refurbish the ring to make it all your own.

Once you have decided which classic engagement ring option is right for you, you can shop with confidence knowing your ring will make you happy today and forever.


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