The 411 on Bridal Pearls

The 411 on bridal pearls

Wearing pearls for your wedding is a trend that's been around for decades. Learn more about the history and meaning behind the timeless style.

Cultured pearls are stunning and simple, the ideal accessory for a wedding gown or even for a bridesmaid's dress. They're also extremely versatile, making them a great addition to your jewelry box long after your big celebration. Though their stylishness has endured the test of time, their ongoing popularity is rooted in their remarkable history.


The history:
It's hard to imagine a time when pearls were hard to come by but, prior to the 1900s, pearls were only acquired by diving for oysters. And, even after diving, not every pearl was round and not every oyster housed a pearl. Because of this, pearls were a symbol of wealth and royalty, typically reserved for special occasions.

As pearl farming was refined, cultured pearls became available to a larger demographic, though they never lost their prestige. Today, when you are shopping for pearls, they will almost certainly be cultured pearls.

Their extraordinary history makes pearls an ideal accessory for weddings. And just like the significance of a white wedding gown, pearls were also thought represent purity in certain cultures.

Today, pearl accessories are commonly passed down within families or they're given as a gift to the bride-to-be.

How to wear them:
Do you have a meaningful string of pearls that you'd like to wear or are you hoping to get a set for your big day? If so, it's important to think about how they'll complement the style of your dress. A strapless gown is easily paired with an elegant single or double strand of pearls worn long or as a choker.

For an unexpected twist, all-black or colored cultured pearls can give your wedding dress a whimsical or edgy flair. A singular pearl pendant can make a statement, ideal for halter styles that will hide the chain clasp. Or, for a unique touch, consider accessorizing with a string of delicate, graduated pearls.

If a necklace doesn't look right, try earrings. Pearl studs are a timeless accessory for wedding dresses. They can be simple, colorful and mismatched for a daring look, or surrounded by diamond embellishments for extra bling.

If your dress has a neckline that's not too busy, fancy drop earrings can also look great. Like pearl studs, drop earrings can be found in a variety of styles. Chandelier earrings can emphasize the drama and glamour of your gown. Or, if you're striving for over-the-top romance, consider a pair of oval pearls surrounded by diamonds and rose gold accents.

Just remember, no matter which pearl accessory you choose, their timelessness and history will bring an undeniable elegance to your special day.

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