The 411 on Branded Diamonds

The 411 on Branded Diamond Rings

Looking into branded diamond rings? Keep these things in mind before you make such an important purchase.

Just like the brands that have become a part your daily routine, you'll want your diamond brand to share the same top-notch qualities. When choosing which brands to show loyalty to, customers generally look at three main characteristics: legitimacy, quality and perception.

The brands that have proven their legitimacy time and time again are the brands that give us peace of mind. If they're legit, we'll come back for more.

Most brands meet a quality standard, and this quality standard can play a big role in the price of a product. When shopping for something as meaningful and expensive as an engagement ring, you'll want to know the quality is up to par.

Let's be honest - perception matters! You want wow factor and respect when showing off a diamond. And there should be a sense of pride when explaining why you chose your specific brand.

Wondering if a branded diamond ring is a good option for you? Ask yourself these questions.

  • Would you feel more at ease purchasing a brand you're familiar with?
  • Do you find comfort in the fact that your values align with a specific brand's perception?
  • Do you want to be able to show off your diamond based on appearance and brand name?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this could be the best option for you.

Different strokes
Each type of branded diamond touts its own specific set of qualities and characteristics. Some may focus on the cut, facets and arrangements (The Leo Diamond, Tolkowsky ideal-cut diamonds), while others may focus on the color. The Le Vian line, for example, is known for Chocolate Diamonds®, a lavish brown diamond with unique appeal. And, of course, there are the designers (Neil Lane and Le Vian) with a distinctive style that carries throughout their collections.

But, if brands aren't your thing, rest easy. There are a lot of top quality diamonds out there that aren't branded. Overall, the most important thing is to feel confident in your purchase and to focus on quality, branded or not.


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