The Best Jewelry to Wear on an Interview

The Best Jewelry to Wear on an Interview

Congrats, you scored an interview! Now, you have to choose the right outfit and, of course, the right jewelry.

Long-standing style advice when it comes to dressing for an interview has been to dress like you have already got the job you want. Of course, factors vary, such as industry, your locality and the company culture. Naturally, this also applies to your jewelry and other accessories.

Simple is best
This applies to both women and men. The focus should be on you, not on what you're wearing - unless, of course, you're interviewing for a job in the fashion industry. In that case, showing off your style is a plus.

Men should limit their accessories to a wedding band (if you're married) and a watch. You could wear a class ring or a fraternity ring if you've networked and know you are meeting with an alumnus of your institution.

Women also want to keep jewelry pretty conservative. Even if you're interviewing for a position in a more creative field, wearing one or two carefully chosen pieces is recommended. Once you get the job, you'll see the lay of the land and be able to express your own style.

Quality - not quantity
Keep earrings small and simple. Studs - gold, sterling silver, cultured pearl or diamond - frame a face with subtlety. Small diameter hoops are also a good accent. Big hoops, dangling earrings or whimsical motifs could distract someone from what you're saying. And even if you have multiple piercings in your ear, stick to one pair for this occasion.
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Avoid anything big and flashy when it comes to rings. Aside from your engagement ring or wedding band, appropriate choices are Diamond rings or Claddagh rings. A class ring or sorority ring is also fine.

In terms of necklaces, a string of cultured pearls or a subtle pendant is a classic choice.

Be careful with bracelets. Clanging bangles can distract your interviewer, and leather wraps and bracelets aren't formal enough. A nice watch is ideal.

With this advice, you should feel confident about your interview look. Good luck!

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