Award Season Jewelry

Celebrity Styles to Watch - 2018 Award Season

Emerald Jewelry
One thing that took over the 2018 award season was the prominent display of radiant emerald jewelry and statement pieces. Emerald, seen in necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, was a real red carpet jewelry focal point. Emerald is an extraordinary gemstone that has a rich green color fit for royalty. Emerald is known to represent hope, renewal and growth, making it a symbolic choice along with the slew of black outfits we saw from both men and women alike.

Emerald jewelry is a vibrant choice and a site to behold. With its rich green color, the emerald is a gemstone extraordinaire. Emerald is the birthstone of May, making emerald jewelry a vibrant choice for those born that month.


Diamond Statement Necklaces
Always a classic choice at awards shows, diamond necklaces were a favorite amongst celebrities. From simple diamond necklaces to bold diamond pendants and chokers, diamond jewelry lit up the 2018 red carpet. Chokers, by themselves or a part of a layering necklace ensemble, created an eye-catching accessory for those who wore it.


Stackable Rings
A tasteful yet breathtaking trend of the 2018 award show season is stacking rings. This popular red carpet style can be simple and sleek, or it can make an elegant and impressive statement depending on the rings that are worn. The stacking rings that have dazzled the red carpets have been a beautiful mix of diamond and gemstone rings creating a sparkling finish. Some have chosen to wear multiple rings on various fingers in a chic way, while others have chosen to stack multiple rings on one finger for a creative twist.

As a red carpet jewelry trend, stacking rings are the perfect accessory to compliment celebrity red carpet looks without overpowering their ensemble. A classic yet glamorous choice, stacking rings are a fashion-forward jewelry style that will continue to shine on the red carpet.


Diamond Statement Earrings
Award show style is all about glitz, glam and fashion. To show off their individual tastes and red carpet style, many celebrities turned to diamond statement earrings to enhance their award show look. Bold diamond earrings make a statement without being overwhelming. These eye-catching accessories turn heads with their dramatic sparkle, so it's no surprise that the red carpet has been filled with gorgeous diamond statement earrings throughout various award shows. Bold diamond earrings make the perfect red carpet jewelry pieces because they compliment any award show look seamlessly.

Many of the diamond statement earrings worn on the red carpet took the chandelier approach, drop earrings with multiple stones and strands of diamonds perfectly hanging in a variety of styles and designs. There has been a gorgeous mix of vintage looks and classic designs, all beautifully crafted with intricate details. From pear shaped diamonds to emerald cut diamonds, round diamonds and more, the red carpet wowed with sparkling diamond statement earrings.


Layered and Multi-strand Necklaces
One look that has been a pretty consistent trend during the 2018 awards show season is layered necklaces and multi-strand necklaces. This striking look can be worn in a variety of different ways with chokers, dainty chains, low hanging pendants, statement pendants and more. Diamond multi-strand necklaces and the layered necklace look give you a statement piece with a dramatic punch.

At the various awards shows, celebrities have favored this look for it's radiant beauty and bold finish, beautifully pairing with strapless dresses, plunging necklines and more. This gorgeous 2018 red carpet jewelry trend is always in season, and we're sure we'll keep seeing layered necklaces and multi-strand necklaces grace the red carpets for many more awards shows to come.


Gemstone Statement Earrings
Statement gemstone earrings are a sight to behold. As a popular trend of the 2018 award show season, we've seen bold gemstone earrings paired beautifully with a variety of different red carpet styles. From emeralds to rubies, sapphires, onyx and more, statement gemstone earrings are a powerful choice and a red carpet jewelry favorite. Bold gemstone earrings have decorated the red carpet in an array of different designs including drop earrings, chandelier drop earrings, hoop earrings and different gemstone shapes.

These gemstone earrings have made a statement on their own with their eye-catching size and vivid color, or have looked absolutely stunning paired with diamonds and other gemstones for something truly unique. With their deep, rich colors, statement gemstone earrings are a gorgeous addition to any look on the red carpet.


Gemstones have taken over the red carpet with their brilliant colors, gorgeous radiance and subtle sparkle. As a top trend of the 2018 award show season, these colorful gemstones have added a beautiful touch of pizzazz to the already fashionable red carpet styles. Most recently, black gemstones have stolen the limelight with their rich, deep color and exquisite design. From statement earrings to cocktail rings, black gemstones have been a red carpet jewelry staple offering a dark and dramatic twist to red carpet looks.

These gorgeous black gemstone jewelry pieces are absolutely stunning on their own as a bold statement, or they pair elegantly with traditional diamonds for a softer yet striking finish. Black gemstone jewelry is an impactful and impressive choice for a red carpet jewelry style that is both spectacular and dazzling.


This awards show season has been decorated with gorgeous flower jewelry. As spring quickly approaches, flower jewelry is a staple accessory to liven up your look. On the red carpet, we saw a beautiful assortment of white roses as apart of some celebrity ensembles. These white roses were a powerful symbol to those who wore it, adding a delicate touch to their awards show look. You can create this red carpet style with elegant flower jewelry such as flower rings and flower earrings. Go bold with bigger flower jewelry pieces that make an elegant statement, or go subtle with a flower charm or stacking ring to add a touch of this bright look to your individual style.


The red carpet is more than just something celebrities walk on. Regardless of which award show it is, celebrities use this as an opportunity to display red carpet style and fashion with their own unique touch. Jewelry is no different. Red carpet jewelry includes some of the most lavish and eye-catching jewelry pieces we see today. As viewers of the various awards shows, celebrities are our fashion icons. Their red carpet styles inspire us and guide us on the latest fashion looks and dazzling jewelry. At Jared, we'll be featuring the notable styles and designs that have graced the red carpets of popular award shows during the 2018 awards season. Check back to our red carpet jewelry page often for all the latest awards show looks.

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