Anniversary Metals: What They Mean

Anniversary Metals: What They Mean

Jewelry makes a lovely gift to celebrate the milestones you reach in a relationship. Diamonds are always a gorgeous and meaningful gift, but knowing which metal is symbolic of each anniversary could help spark more jewelry gift ideas.

11th: Steel Anniversary
Quite common in jewelry, stainless steel is the ultimate symbol of strength and the ability to last.

20th Anniversary: Platinum
A gorgeous symbol of beauty and endurance, it is also ideal to celebrate two decades together. Platinum is actually much rarer than gold and is hypoallergenic.

25th: Silver Anniversary
A classic metal, valued and cherished for centuries. Some lists also pair silver with the 16th anniversary. To keep sterling silver beautiful, polish regularly.

50th: Gold Anniversary
The big one, only fitting of gold. The jewelry options for gold are endless, but consider getting creative with a different type of gold, such as rose gold.


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