All About Rose Gold

All About Rose Gold

Enchanting and unique, rose gold is a stunning way to add a little color to your jewelry. Here are some common questions and answers about this blush beauty.

How is it pink?
Not naturally occurring, rose gold is a yellow gold mixed with copper alloy. Different hues of rose can be achieved depending on the amount of copper added. Light pink is the most common shade you'll find, but oranges and reds are also possible.

Why is rose gold so popular?
This is not the first time rose gold has seen a surge in popularity. Russian royalty was very partial to the metal in the 1800s. The wild and decadent 1920s were also a rose gold moment. Today, the demand for rose gold is attributed to the desire to add color and individuality to jewelry.

What jewelry suits rose gold?
Rose gold looks fantastic on it's own or when mixed with other metals (other types of gold especially). Sets of stackable bangles and rings that feature one or a couple in rose gold are lovely and very popular. By the same token, necklaces that are meant to be layered look fantastic with a rosy pink strand included. Rose gold also stands out as a solo metal. It works in a watch, a bracelet or even in a wedding or engagement band.


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