All About Halo Rings

All About Halo Rings

We'll start with the basics: A halo ring is a setting that encircles a center gemstone in a collection of round stones. These stones help focus attention back on the center stone to create interest and draw people's gaze to your ring. The extra sparkle can also make your center stone look larger, depending on the design.

This ring style offers many options for creating high glamour, as well as opportunities to personalize and customize your engagement ring. Let's look at a few ways to make your halo ring ideal.

A Touch of Color
There are many options for the center stone beyond a diamond. You could choose a different gem completely or explore different color options for a diamond. Or stick with a diamond as the center stone, but surround it in a frame of color diamonds or gemstones. Either way, the results are stunning.

Cut of the Center Stone
Halo engagement rings can feature many types of cuts, such as oval, emerald and even pear and marquise diamonds. Pointed edges, considered prone to chipping and breaking, are better protected by a halo.

Number of Halos
Why stop at one? A single halo is of course beautiful, but you can add multiple layers.

Choice of Metal
White gold is a classic and well-loved option. Consider the design of your halo ring, though. Would rose or yellow gold complement the color of the gems? Two-tone settings can be another option to consider, as well.


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