Semi-Mount Engagement Rings

At Jared, we have a beautiful collection of semi-mount rings that vary in metal color and design ranging from solitaire semi mount ring settings to halo semi mount ring settings and more. With a semi-mount ring, you can add diamonds and gemstones to customize a ring that reflects her beautiful and unique style.

A semi-mount ring is a ring that is partially completed; it lacks the center stone, but has all the other accents and intricate details. The semi-mount name comes from the action of mounting a ring, the process of setting the formal gemstone on the actual ring band. Semi, meaning half, describes the nature of this partially completed ring. A semi-mount ring bridges the gap between a completely custom ring and an in-store ring. There is more flexibility with a semi mount ring setting because you are able to choose your preferred center stone, the diamond cut, carat weight, the look of the band, and more.


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