Relationship Jewelry Ideas: 6 Month & 1 Year Gifts

Relationship Jewelry Ideas: 6 Month & 1 Year Gifts

You may be wondering when the right time is to celebrate a milestone in your relationship. Every couple is different and has a relationship that evolves in its own natural way. That said, if you want to let her know how you feel, giving her a piece of jewelry at a thoughtful point in your relationship is a great way to melt her heart. Consider these gift ideas for two early milestones:

The 6-month mark: Go for something thoughtful but subtle. Let her know how happy you are that your relationship is going well and you hope it continues to grow. Simple stud earrings , a delicate chain necklace in gold or sterling silver, or, if she wears a charm bracelet, pick a special charm for her to add.

One year together: This milestone is especially joyful for a couple. After one year, things are still new and exciting and yet you're comfortable with one another. Show her how much it means to you that your bond continues to grow stronger with a gift that has some sparkle. Diamond studs or a diamond necklace are ideal choices. A diamond or gemstone bracelet is a well-loved classic.


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