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The Meaning of Three-Stone Diamond Rings

To many, three-stone engagement rings are more than just extra glamour. Very often, the three stones symbolize something special and meaningful to a couple. These are some of the most common symbols of three stone rings:

  • Friendship, love and fidelity
  • Love, honor and cherish
  • Past, present and future

Of course, beyond meaning, three-stone engagement rings are a beautiful way to make a stunning visual impact, especially if you want to get creative.

The two accent stones can be a variety of cuts and colors to complement the center stone, which can also be a unique shape or color. Make choices that are meaningful to her or you as a couple. Perhaps the two accent stones are each of your birthstones or another symbolic color.

Three-stone engagement rings are ideal for telling a story with your ring. Given some thought, and a little help from a jeweler, a three-stone ring can be just as uniquely symbolic as it is beautiful.

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