Award Season Jewelry

Award Season Jewelry at Jared

Diamond Necklaces at Jared

Diamond Statement Necklaces

Always a classic choice at award shows, diamond necklaces were a favorite amongst celebrities. From simple diamond necklaces to bold diamond pendants and chokers, diamond jewelry lit up the 2019 red carpet. Chokers, by themselves or a part of a layering necklace ensemble, created an eye-catching accessory.


Emerald Jewelry at Jared

Emerald Jewelry

Emerald, seen in necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, was a radiant red carpet gemstone jewelry focal point this year. Known to represent hope, renewal and growth, emerald is an extraordinary gemstone that has a rich green color fit for royalty. Emerald is also the birthstone of May, making emerald jewelry a vibrant choice for those born that month.


Drop and dangle diamond earrings at Jared

Statement Earrings

To show off their individual tastes and red carpet style, many celebrities turned to diamond statement earrings to enhance their award show look. These eye-catching accessories turn heads with their dramatic sparkle, so it's no surprise that the red carpet has been filled with gorgeous diamond statement earrings throughout various award shows. Many of the bold diamond statement earrings worn on the red carpet took the chandelier approach, drop earrings with multiple stones and strands of diamonds perfectly hanging in a variety of styles and designs.


No matter the award show, celebrities use each red carpet appearance as an opportunity to display the latest styles and fashions with their own unique touch. Jewelry is no different. Red carpet jewelry includes some of the most lavish and eye-catching jewelry pieces we see today.