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Discover Le Vian®, fine jewelers with an illustrious history.  The house of Le Vian® is famed for jewelry that combines a reverence for the past with a passion for defining future trends. Those who know and love Le Vian® have a passion for beautiful, expertly made fine jewelry. This passion is what drives Le Vian® today, building upon a legacy of artistry and expertise. You'll find the hottest styles of Le Vian® at Jared including Chocolate Diamonds® and colorful gemstone designs that are instant fashion must-haves.

Le Vian Chocolate Diaomnds Logo

The craving for chocolate is all grown up! Le Vian® is the only company on earth to make jewelry with Chocolate Diamonds®. These beautiful, natural Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds® are deliciously decadent. Discover what jewelry lovers around the world know — everything is better with chocolate!

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Abundant in nature, the color blue goes with everything. Whether it's the calming shades of Ocean Blue Topaz or Sea Blue Aquamarine, or the tantalizing hues of Blueberry Tanzanite, Le Vian® brings this color of nature to life. It's no surprise that blue is believed to be the most popular color in the world.

Le Vian Shades of Pink & Purple

The unique flavors of Le Vian® gemstones lend themselves to the hues of pink and purple. The hard-to-resist Raspberry Rhodolite® and the tempting Cotton Candy Amethyst® are a feast for the eyes.

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