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In the 1940s, diamond giant De Beers developed an impressive marketing campaign, establishing two months' salary as a standard budget for an engagement ring. But this rule is not set in stone.

In fact, you can find a beautiful engagement ring to fit almost any budget. Her ideal ring is a stunning piece with lasting emotional value, not necessarily the most expensive one.

Obviously, your options for engagement rings are greater if price is not a concern. However, you can find a ring she'll love on your budget simply by understanding what is truly important to her.

If she values size, look for a stone with a larger table or surface area. It won't have the same sparkle, but the stone will look much larger. If sparkle matters, buy just shy of the next carat. For example, 1.8 as opposed to 2. You can also elevate the diamond with a prong setting, maximizing its impression.

For more assistance in finding the ideal ring for your ideal budget, visit your nearby Jared the Galleria of Jewelry. Our bridal experts will help you through every step of your purchase, regardless of your budget.

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