Selecting a Ring Size on

When you purchase a ring on, you will be shown the size (or sizes) in which the ring is available. If you select a size other than the standard ring size shown, service may be required to adjust it (see ‘Ring Sizing Services’ below).

Not sure what your ring size is? Our Ring Sizer tool on can help! Click here to visit Jewelry Wise.

If the ring size you need is not listed for a ring you like, please contact the Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry store nearest you and ask if you can order it in your size.

Ring Sizing Services

Many of our rings are sized to what has been determined to be an average (standard) ring size. The standard ring size is shown for each ring. Ring sizing service charges will be $15.99 for Sterling Silver and Gold, $19.99 for Platinum. It will take up to 3 additional business days if sizing services are required. If you ordered additional merchandise, your sized ring will ship separately from the rest of your order.

Certain metals such as tungsten and titanium cannot be sized.

What Ring Size Should I Order?

Measure around the finger on which the ring will be worn (in millimeters), then find the ring size closest to this measurement in the U.S. Ring Size Chart below.

The millimeter is the standard unit of measurement for jewelry. By using millimeters, we can provide you with the most accurate size for your ring. The following chart will give you an idea of how millimeters convert to inches:

3 mm ≈ 1/8 inch
6 mm ≈ 1/4 inch
13 mm ≈ 1/2 inch
19 mm ≈ 3/4 inch
25 mm ≈ 1 inch
50 mm ≈ 2 inches
75 mm ≈ 3 inches

The ring should be large enough to slide over the knuckle without falling off. Take the measurement at the end of the day when your fingers are warm, and check it several times to be sure it is accurate. For the best, most accurate fit visit the Jared The Galleria of Jewelry store nearest you and have one of our jewelry professionals determine your ring size.

Protecting Your Ring

To protect your fine jewelry purchase and cover the cost of future ring size adjustments, we recommend adding our optional, exclusive Extended Service Plan when you get to the Shopping Cart. This plan covers repairs to the mounting (setting), sizing, refinishing and polishing, and resetting your diamonds and gemstones. Note: You must take your jewelry to a Jared The Galleria of Jewelry store for repairs under this plan.

The Extended Service Plan is not offered for rings in certain metals such as Tungsten and Titanium.

U.S. Ring Sizes

Size 3 = 44.2 millimeters
Size 3-1/2 = 45.5 millimeters
Size 4 = 46.8 millimeters
Size 4-1/2 = 48.0 millimeters
Size 5 = 49.3 millimeters
Size 5-1/2 = 50.6 millimeters
Size 6 = 51.9 millimeters
Size 6-1/2 = 53.1 millimeters
Size 7 = 54.4 millimeters
Size 7-1/2 = 55.7 millimeters
Size 8 = 57.0 millimeters
Size 8-1/2 = 58.3 millimeters
Size 9 = 59.5 millimeters
Size 9-1/2 = 60.8 millimeters
Size 10 = 62.1 millimeters
Size 10-1/2 = 63.4 millimeters
Size 11 = 64.6 millimeters
Size 11-1/2 = 65.9 millimeters
Size 12 = 67.2 millimeters
Size 12-1/2 = 68.5 millimeters
Size 13 = 69.7 millimeters
Size 13-1/2 = 71.0 millimeters